New 4th of July items!!!

New 4th of July Items are here!

I went Down to the Fashion shop to see the new items. For those who have not seen the yet, here they are :

Happy Shopping Yovillians!!!!

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Double Money Scam

Double Your Money:
Anyone who asks you to give them your money in one trade and then they will give you double back in the next trade is a blank, they may offer to add you as a buddy or even double a small amount for you at first to tempt you, the chances are high that once you give them a larger amount they will kick you out and remove you as a buddy. The only time you should accept something like this is if they offer to double money in the SAME trade. OR else Bye-bye coins!

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Whiteboard scams:

Whiteboard scams: There’s a lot of whiteboard art scams going around. Try NOT to buy whiteboard art from anybody you don’t know. What usually happens is you receive a blank whiteboard instead, seeing as though you  cannot  see what’s on board until you go to your  home. By that time the Selle aka scammer has had time to remove you from buddy list and you bet stuck with a whiteboard worth 3,000 coins, but paid a fortune for it.
Whiteboards are available at  Yoville gift shop for 3000 coins. They are NOT rare. Lot of players do not visit the Gift shop and are not aware that white board are sold there.

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Lakefront Home Arrived!

The Lakefront Home has been released in the Realtor’s Office for 39 YoCash. The floor plan includes 2 levels. On the first level, Living Room, Game Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Deck, Dock, and Porch. On the second level there are 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Landing, and 2 Decks. This New Home has a serene and exotic view of the Lake and Valley and also access to the Lake. The Lakefront home is a wonderful place to celebrate this holiday! Take a tour of the highlights and Enjoy!

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Hey Everyone,
New Fireworks and Pool Party Floatable Items are available now in the Furniture Store!!  Have some friends over and entertain them with an awesome display of bright colored fireworks. Make sure to stop by the Furniture Store today and get ready to celebrate the 4th of July :)

Remember the 4th of  July 2010 Items will only be available  for a limited time so make sure to get them while they are hot. Also, stay tuned for more 4th of July 2010 Decorations and more Patio Furniture coming soon!!

*Please note that Fireworks are one time use only. Once you use them you will not be able to use them again*

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Welcome to the Yoville ~Trade Center~ Official Web Page! Looking for an item you can’t find? Want to buy something special for someone? Want to trade items? Want to give something away? Need more neighbors? Than you have come to the right place  Welcome and Enjoy all the fun!!!

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