Surfing Photo Booth Coming Soon!

Want to get an item that is fun to play with and let’s you brag to your friends?! Well the chance to do so will be coming very soon. We’ll be releasing a Photo Booth in game that will allow you and your friends to interact with and post feeds to show off your wave riding skills. Let’s check out a sneak peek of this Photo Booth and what you can do with it!

To interact with this item you will need to either have one yourself or go to a  friend’s home (who owns this item). To get a Photo Booth of your own you’ll have to purchase it when it becomes available in game. Once you have a Photo Booth to interact with you will click on it and your avatar will jump on the surfboard. Then a picture will be taken of your avatar catching some waves. You’ll then be prompted to  “Share” your photo. Make sure to click share and show off your skills on your Facebook Wall.

If you are the lucky owners of a surfing Photo Booth you’ll be able to have photo shoots any time you want! As an added bonus when your friends come by and use your Photo Booth and post a surfing feed you’ll make some extra coins too! So not only can you play and brag with this item but can also make some coins even when you are not around!

If you don’t have a Photo Booth but want to have a surfing session of your own you still can! Keep your eyes out for your friend’s Surfing Feeds and click (in) to be taken to your friend’s Photo Booth. Remember to share your photo so you can show off your surfing skills and get your friend some extra coins!

Well that’s about all folks! We’ll update you with more details when this feature is live in game but wanted to give you a little heads up on what to expect soon.

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Moroccan Mystery Box

Hey Everyone,

We are aware that some of you are having issues with the Moroccan Mystery Box. Here are the issues listed below. Our team is looking into these issues and we will update you when this is resolved.

– Can’t place Moroccan Throwpillows or Summer Plushies in the Room. There is a white box behind the item when you try to place it in the room

– Can’t open the Mystery Box – when you refresh it disappears. However, new item should appear in your inventory. Also please try opening these items straight from your Inventory.

Thanks for your patience while our team works to fix!

– Platinum Ninja

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Celebrating 9,000 Fans

24hr CONTEST!!!!! Celebrating 9,000 members we are giving away 4 COSTUMES!!!!

Question: What was the best thing that you have bought/sold from YTC and why? (ex. was the item for u, a friend, your loved one) . Each admin will pick 1 winner from the answers you give below. GOOD LUCK! -sasa

Click here to post your entry

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Yo-cash in United Kingdom

many of you in the United Kingdom have been wanting a chance to be able to purchase YoVille Game Cards! New Zynga Game Cards are now available at HMV, Sainsbury’s, and WH Smith! You have the choice to use these cards for the following games: YoVille, Cafe World, Treasure Isle and Petville but I think I know which one you guys will choose! YoVille :) Here is what these new game cards look like so you know what to keep your eyes out for when shopping around in the these stores.

To find a store near you check out these store locator links:

WH Smith:

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Looking for your Events?

Looking for your Events? Look no further. Yoville has been busy updating again, rather than fixing the old issues.  As you can see, they have placed a ribbon in the place where event used to be  
You’ll notice a brand new  Room Contests Icon, that will replace the Events Icon, which will take you to the main Room Contest Page. Also, now that the Events Icon has been replaced we have moved the Events Icon to the right side of the page in between the Buddy List Icon and the Chat Icon.
To access the YoVille Contests Page click on the Ribbon Room Contest Icon and the following YoVille Contests Page will appear.  From here you will be able to see past winners, check out the current and upcoming contests, enter and browse entries. This icon will be your lifeline to YoVille Contests!! So make sure to check it out and investigate it when it is in game

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Zynga Survey

Zynga is having a survey. They want to hear our voice!! Please take the time and do so. Here is Pink’s Message.

Hi Guys,
As you know, we at Zynga are always trying to make our games better, Please help us improve our games by giving your blank in this short survey. Thanks!
(Survey works best in Firefox and Google Chrome)

Just to clarify, this Survey has nothing to do with YoVille or changing them our avatars. Your avatars are staying the same. smile What would YoVille be without our big bobble heads? tongue

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Hand Held Sparklers!

Finally They are here!!! We asked for them and Yes, They gave them to us!!! Finally Zynga is listening to us!! They come in 3 colors, And of course Hand-held. Their price? As always yocash. Available for 10 days in stores! Enjoy

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